Garden Restaurant in the heart of the city

Wunjala Moskva


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Wunjala Moskva

Opposite Police Headquarter Petrol Pump, Sama Marga, 44600
Kathmandu, Kathmandu



About Wunjala Moskva

Located absolutely in the heart of Kathmandu and five minutes drive away from anywhere in town is the Wunjala Moskva. A delightfully lush garden alive with ancient trees, trickling streams, birdsong and the quiet hush that'll rejuvenate you. Specialising exclusively in traditional cuisine from the Newar Kitchens of Ason and the aristocratic kitchen of Russia, the Wunjala Moskva seamlessly blends a delightful culinary experience. And what have the two in common? Discover for yourself as you savour Chhwela, Chatanmari and Woh; and then, of course, there is the option of Bortsch, Zarkoe or Peroshki. Our own dedicated Newar and Russian Chefs will indulge you and just as our special delicacies are associated with each festival in Newar culture, so are the dances. The evenings come alive with the vibrancy of the Manjushree dance, the Elephant dance and other colourful festivities. The oil lamp lit courtyard at the center and the soothing sounds of the flute and the dulcet timber of the traditional drum synchronizes into a wondrous mélange.