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Paleti Bhanchha Ghar


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Paleti Bhanchha Ghar

J.P Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal 44600
Kathmandu, Nepal, Kathmandu



+977 14212911

About Paleti Bhanchha Ghar

Paleti means the traditional way of eating in the village. Families would sit down cross legged around a low table on cushions. At Paleti Bhanchhar Ghar, we offer both the Paleti traditional way of eating as well as regular tables and chairs. We find out visitors love the intimacy of the Paleti style of eating. It is hard to find really good, authentic Nepali food. But there is one restaurant in Kathmandu that features traditional Nepali cooking with organic ingredients fresh from the local villages. It is Paleti Bhanchha Ghar, located in Thamel in Kathmandu. The Kishan Gurung family have long been famous for their home cooking. Local people from their village in the remote area of Sindhupalchowk looked forward to festivals and gatherings where they could taste the Gurung families’ finest in home cooking. Now the Kishan Gurung family has brought authentic Nepali food to Thamel, without sacrificing any of their famous taste and quality. Cooking is done the old fashioned way so the flavor is steeped within each and every dish. Only fresh, organic vegetables are purchased for cooking. Kishan’s wife Sunita Lama Gurung is probably the pickiest of buyers. Sellers know her high demands and only bring out the best when she approaches. Traditional Gurung hospitality is famous in Nepal, and when you dine at Paleti Bhanchha Ghar, you get authentic Nepali food with traditional Gurung hospitality. So why not let us bring authentic Nepali cuisine with traditional hospitality to you and your friends?