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Metro Park Building, Uttar Dhoka, Lazimpat-2
Kathmandu, Nepal, Kathmandu

Pradesh 3-Nepal


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About Hello Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Hello Travels P. Ltd was established as a member company of the ‘Harvest Moon’ group of companies’ conglomerate whose story goes way back to 1998. We foresaw a people & the world become highly materialistic in its pursuits for everything that comforts & luxury could offer, with everyone seeking the limelight…& the sunshine, at the same time. We also saw the effects this was having on people all over the world, with mega companies becoming spring boards to living life in the fast lane; and we also observed what stress, boardroom pressure & on-the-job mental fatigue did to people…we saw good people going overboard, the news media splashed stories of suicide, & boardroom executives fell of their chairs because the price for success went over their heads & the heart skipped a beat. Amidst all this, the drums of destiny were beating with a calling to the wild; yoga & meditation gurus took centre stage, health bulletins introduced stress busters, & most people in developed countries wondered where to go for the ultimate ‘Peace’ & ‘Quiet’ that everyone wanted…to stay away from the veritable ‘rat race’ that destined people to madness, & much of the executive world searched for a sublime place to release the killing stress. All the while, the process of a concept was taking shape to form an idea into helping guests heading to Nepal realize sooner than later that the Godliness found in the beauty of nature and its immediate effects on the human mind was the ideal ‘great escape’ to a more simple life free of the pressures that come with contemporary lifestyles that only invite a visit to the general physician where a true calling into the greater wilderness is the only relief one can experience to a longer healthier life.