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Einstein Educational Centre


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Einstein Educational Centre

new baneshwor
kathamndu, Kathmandu

Province 3-Nepal


About Einstein Educational Centre

The main objectives are simply: to build a thriving, world-class consultation destination, offering outstanding educational opportunities. So that it always uses contemporary leadership models and materials from education and business, and has a unique approach to the management and delivery of change projects: Education System Development Method. Therefore, Einstein always responds to the needs of national and international students, delivering the programmes they want in the locations they prefer. This ethos has underpinned our dramatic growth while delivering successful services for hundred of people nationally and internationally. Our Mission: To clear all the doubts and myths of students about overseas education through our counselling services. To provide up-to date information and course details of universities in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Denmark, UK, India & more. To recommend right course for the right candidate after analyzing their skills,educational and financial background. To help the students in getting student visas successfully by providing efficient and simple solutions. Knowingly we would not give misleading guidance and advice to the students. To promote education of Australia, New Zealand, USA, Denmark, UK and India in Nepal by our effort.Our Vision: Our Vision is always to provide best services to the students and help our students succeeding in their studies and future career. Our Values: Accountability Committed to quality service Customer Care Exposure to many countries Integrity & Honesty Intelligent risk taking Leadership Openness Research Strong Principles Team work Time Management Transparency Valuing people