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Cafe Delord

Ghanem Business Center, Ramada Signal, Salwa Road
Bin Mahmoud, Doha




About Cafe Delord

Café Delord began as the culmination of two traditional, yet exotic coastal cuisines. The perfect fusion between spices, seasonings and East meeting West. Yesterday’s tradition is still very much today's trend as it incorporates all the senses, teachings and experience gathered into each and every dish prepared for our customers. Delord offers a fresh contemporary and neutral space that caters to 100 diners, accentuated by a pastel color palette of blues and pinks contrasted with bespoke tree like structures dotted around the dining space creating a calming cove. An all-inclusive personal experience that caters to the needs throughout the daily activities of a busy and robust lifestyle. We emphasize the blend between the beauty of an aesthetic experience integrated with the richness of our food.