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Budhanilkantha Education Services

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About Budhanilkantha Education Services

We are a group of youths who were fortunate enough to get into Budhanilkantha School about a decade ago. Now, all of us are pursuing our undergraduate degrees in and outside Nepal. Realizing our country’s increasing quality education crisis, we thought of doing something carrying the ethos of what we learned during years of stay at Budhanilkantha School and contribute back to our nation. So, here we are today standing up against the institutions, that rip off the students, providing the promising manpower of this economy a quality education and top-notch placements all around the world – while strongly encouraging everyone to contribute their part to building Nepal after the completion of their education. Run by dynamic youths who aspire to thrive in their own country, some of us returned from the United States and other countries to pursue this mission. We want to share the same values with our fellow students and work together with them for their brighter and bigger future – and, in turn, for a stronger Nepal. So, let’s work together to achieve higher for ourselves and our beloved country.