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Bioskin Spa

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Bioskin Spa

Um Loukhba 31, street 876, Villa 27
Doha, Doha


+974 4465 3379

About Bioskin Spa

Bioskinspa has three main specialties, each infused with wondrous natural elements to revitalize the body and mind, from the inside and out. They include: - Face Beautifying: Fusing superior quality BioskinSpa Skincare products with state-of-the-art Atheistic Technologies, to invigorate the skin and pores. - Body Revitalizing: Designed to nurture the body and its layers, with specialized therapies from BioskinSpa, for ultimate slimming, shaping, toning and body draining. - Ora Silcapelli Hair Evolution: Caring for an essential element of your beauty with OraSilcapelli exclusive treatments, transforming hair from the scalp right down to the roots. In addition to its specialized treatments, BioskinSpa offers an exclusive range of rich Products infused with natural elements, for a total beautifying experience.