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Bhojan Griha


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Bhojan Griha

Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal, Kathmandu



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About Bhojan Griha

Dine to experience Nepali cuisine in a 150 year old heritage building which housed the late Royal Priest of the King of Nepal. You will be served with food prepared from local organic sources from our very own farm. Elevate your senses with the folk dance and music of Nepal. Bhojan Griha welcomes you to step back in time to immerse in, learn and enjoy the ancient architectural, cultural and fooding heritage of Nepal. The ancient 150 year old building which can house more than 250 guests, the traditional organic food from our very own farm, folk dances and songs of various ethnicities of Nepal, that we serve, is our genuine attempt to promote Nepal’s valuable culture which is at serious risk of extinction. It was for the love of our heritage, culture and environment that instigated our founder Mr. Bharat Basnet to establish such a unique heritage restaurant that prioritized showcasing Nepal’s cultural riches before profits. The values and business principles instilled by our founder play a key part in how we run the restaurant. The restaurant is ideal for tourists and Nepalis alike, looking to enjoy local Nepali food along with traditional folk dances and music. You can also observe the grandeur, architecture and design of how traditional palaces of the Kings of Nepal looked in the past, as it has been renovated to its exact original form. You will feel our sincere efforts to provide organic food from our farms in Gundu and elsewhere, when you taste the food served. We have in-house shops selling organic farm products like fruits, vegetables, staple diets and hand-made genuine Nepali products like Yoga mats, lip balms, bags etc.. So through Bhojan Griha, we are doing our best to promote and showcase our rich, diverse fooding, cultural and architectural heritage as we do business, while also awaring people regarding the importance of organic food and supporting local made products.