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Authentic Education Institute


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Authentic Education Institute

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About Authentic Education Institute

Authentic Education Institute ( In short: AEI) Pvt. Ltd and established in 2006. representating more than 15 countries which are Educational Hubs. We recruited more than 1500 students in Canada, Europe, Australia and different types of Scholars.We have expert counselors served more than 10 years, Internationally recognized and certified counselors. We guide solely for the students what their choices of countries,Subjects, universities etc. To promote better and genuine counseling regarding the courses and syllabuses, campus/university location and features in which they are pursuing the education. To provide better services about the genuine and expert documentation, visa preparation, Interview and the insight feelings to be independent. To provide better proficiency Education such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and SAT to get maximum scores and hotel training such as Cook, Waiter, Bartender, Housekeeping and Airline Ticketing, too. AEI aims at providing dignified professional education establishing the global related Educational Institute (Campuses and University) with the combined group of highly educated personalities. Above-mentioned target must be contributed to the concerned students who are objectively pursuant of Abroad Education.On the other hand, we encourage the students to get training courses to become independents where they go. To establish the publication is our also next features promoting the different programs with the encouragement of the educational personalities of different fields.