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Tower B? Al Shomoukh Tower? Doha, Qatar
Doha, Doha



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About Al Bandary Real Estate

Al Bandary Real Estate is a leading Real Estate company, organized under the laws of Qatar. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has strived to create, restructure and manage a group of investments in the real estate sector. Our team is highly experienced in underwriting assets to insure an accurate portrayal of a property’s financials. We look at each asset separately, where each marketing package is customized to bring out the best that each asset can offer. We pride ourselves that many of our senior management team have been dynamically dedicated to the company for the past years. At the same time, we believe in complementing this existing strength by attracting and retaining the best new talents in the market. Al Bandary Real Estate is constantly looking to recruit and retain the highest caliber of talent, while securing a strong capital base and efficiently managing risks. Al Bandary Real Estate believes that these factors will lead to overall success while exploring opportunities that will have an added value to our clients, investors and shareholders.