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Zone By The Park Hotel


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Zone By The Park Hotel

33/3, Avinashi Road
Lakshmi Mills, Coimbatore

Tamil Nadu-India



About Zone By The Park Hotel

Early morning flights, on the go coffee, insane traffic, big queues, slow-mo check-ins get the temperature up and mood down. While we can’t change flight schedules or stirrup artisanal coffee at the airport or get that traffic moving, we could do better. We simply start by just getting it and moving on it. Easier. Quicker. Better. We give you Zones. These are habitats and spaces that are social by design, be it offline or online. These are places of conversations, creature comforts, design, color and plenty of friends. With free WiFi that chases you day and night, breakfasts that load you with superfoods, easy spaces to put your leg up and hair down, design savvy rooms with an IQ, colorful public areas, restaurants that breathe life, wrinkle-free service that’s always on and happy, chirpy micro-discoveries we call, our Xperiences to give you comp