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V Hotel

48-8-17, Srinagar
Dwaraka Nagar, Visakhapatnam

Andhra Pradesh-India



About V Hotel

V Hotel - Srinagar, Vishakhapatnam, is one of the leading hotels in Andra Pradesh and our hotel is located close to Vishakhapatnam Railway Station. Being located in a prime location, all the major travel hubs and tourist attractions are in the close proximity, which makes us an ideal choice for all your globetrotting trips and business sojourn. Our hotel brings you well-appointed and extravagantly decorated rooms with plush interiors. These rooms offer you an elite ambience which brings forth a luxurious living experience to our guests. At V Hotel - Srinagar, Vishakhapatnam, we aim to bring the unparalleled experience of stay with exclusive premium facilities and up-notched services.