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233B Tranquilandia
Vannanthara, Varagampadi




About Tranquilandia

Tranquilandia is run by a beautiful family, Shahul, Sandrine Mia and Vidya. Shahul is a Keralite by birth and a world citizen by the spirit. A big thinker and lover of nature who works tirelessly to create and preserve the entire ecosphere that surrounds Tranquilandia - truly the architect behind the sanctuary you will experience during your stay. His wife Sandrine, a French lady by birth and also a world citizen by heart. She is an artist and a yoga teacher who gives all of herself to nurture and cultivate the vision of Tranquilandia through her contribution/work with the Kids Corner, all while holding yoga retreats and creating the space to make guests feel the highest level of comfort/ease during their stay at Tranquilandia.