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The Port Hotel


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The Port Hotel

No. 28, 9-57, Chitralaya Road
Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam

Andhra Pradesh-India



About The Port Hotel

The Port Hotel at Waltair is a 31 room boutique hotel in Visakhapatnam and is conceived as an homage to the port city. Most noticeably the facade of the building has been imagined as a stack of shipping containers, reminiscent of similar sights in the docks in the region. Situated in a busy and vibrant part of town, the hotel is conceived as a ‘museum to shipping and naval architecture’. On stepping inside, the guest is surrounded by carefully curated objects, art and maps that speak of the region. Old naval architectural drawings have been re-imagined and presented as art and these line the common areas in the hotel. The rooms are vibrant and cheerful, and provide the guests with all amenities to make for a comfortable stay.