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Teanest By Nature Resorts

Plot No.1, Singara Estate Road
Alwarpet, Coonoor

Tamil Nadu-India



About Teanest By Nature Resorts

We are a small company with a broad vision.We transform dreams into reality.We tread softly across nature’s canvas, careful to leave it without blemish.We strive to make a difference and create a better world: a world around our resorts in which our guests can get in touch with the simple joys that make vacations truly rewarding.We ensure that our presence enhances the land we are located in and uplifts the local communities around us.In simple words, we care… for nature and the local communities around our resorts which are a home away from home for our guests. Nature is our muse, our teacher; she is also our mother who gave birth to two stunning resorts – the kurumba village resort and tea nest… organic, natural and as earthy as they come.