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Premier Inn Yercaud

Plot No 3,4 Kamaraj Road
Ondikadai P.O, Yercaud

Tamil Nadu-India



About Premier Inn Yercaud

An escape from the clamor of urban existence, where the mind is centered, the body healed and the senses awakened to the little wonders of creation. A place where the warmth of the sun rejuvenates the soul and a river meanders through the hollows and out of sight. This place is called Premier Inn.The astonishing castle shaped Premier Inn is more than a stunning resort. It is a symbol of modern Yercaud. On the hilly slopes of Yercaud Lake (3 minutes drive), isolated from the hum of tourist activity, the hotel offers a return to nature - the sensorial experience of being surrounded by woodland, gardens and lake views. Escape the mad current, fast-forward the metropolitan world, and ease into the intimacy of solitude.Welcome to Yercaud's "Home away from Home" and look forward to hospitality that is personalized, welcoming and respectful.