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Niraj International School

132,133,After Dola-RI-Dhani
Kandlakoya, Hyderabad




About Niraj International School

At NIS, it is not all about academics, we also prepare students for life. Teaching, sports, arts, drama are used to help develop your child into a well rounded personality. An evolved curriculum which is concept-based, focusing on the development of life skills with the assistance of multimedia tools rather than merely being content driven. Learning at NIS is truly effective as it helps the child adapt successfully within the society. Our academic programme is balanced, with equal emphasis on extra-curricular activities to whet the interests of students such as robotics, arts and crafts, music and dance, home science and a literary club. All this exposure helps in the development of a healthy, multidimensional personality. NIS believes in guiding its students into becoming responsible national and global citizens.