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Naj Jewellery

957, Jewel Junction, 233-1123
Achari Street, Nellore

Andhra Pradesh -India



About Naj Jewellery

NAJ Jewellery Pvt Ltd (Formerly New Andhra Jewellery) was established humbly in 1980 by the versatile and charismatic entrepreneur Shri. Ghewarchand Jain, who was in this field since 1949. Mr. Jain had his ear to the ground, his finger on the pulse and his feet on the ground. The fact is NAJ got to where it is because he never compromised with its corporate values and strongly believed that satisfied customers are the backbone of a company. Driven by his farsighted vision and motivated by the spirit of evolution, our company marked several milestones in its growth history. Today, Naj is a not only a name, but it represents a brand.It was in the year 1993 when Smt. Anita Jain joined New Andhra Jewellery which brought a beginning of a new era. Smt. Jain, a wise advisor, who being modern and a well educated woman, kept on sensing the taste and the trends of modern woman of the society and passing on the same to the team. In 2009, New Andhra Jewellery was taken over by NAJ Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. and thereafter the history is in making