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Mangatrai Jewellers

Saraths City Capital Mall 3rd Floor
Gachibowli, Hyderabad




About Mangatrai Jewellers

Founded in 1935, Mangatrai Jewellers is a family business of four generations of reputed merchants dealing in Pearls, Diamond and Precious Gems. From a small, humble beginning, Mangatrai Jewellers has evolved into a leading jewellery manufacturer and exporter with a client base that straddles India, Europe, USA and the Gulf countries. Our unswerving commitment to excellence has acquired us a reputation for creating quality jewellery of refined craftsmanship and pure elegance. Over the years, a combination of sound leadership, shrewd market analysis and strong commitment to innovation and quality has made the brand 'Mangatrai' a respected one that resonates with customers and offers customers a superior value proposition., brand 'Mangatrai' is synonymous with elegance, grace and beauty in jewellery.