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LODHA Excelus Building
Mahalakshmi, Mumbai




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Whether it’s transforming the skyline of Mumbai with one of India’s most iconic landmarks, crafting some of the most desirable residences in London, creating a world-class destination in the heart of Mumbai, or delivering India’s No.1 smart city*, one name is transforming the way we live with landmarks of global standards: Lodha. Lodha Group has achieved net sales (in India) of over INR 7,163 crore. We have successfully delivered a staggering 19,670 homes over the last 2 years, of which 15,800 homes were delivered before time, i.e. every 4 out of 5 homes were delivered before time.Our more than 3,500 associates, including over 2,000 technically trained people, work relentlessly to create developments of exceptional quality with a passion for delivering the finest homes, offices and retail.