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Lakshmi Holiday Inn

House, 14/51
Club Road, Kotagiri

Tamil Nadu-India



About Lakshmi Holiday Inn

Lakshmi Holiday Inn is centrally located in kotagiri and offerS all modern amenities. It is a pleasant green holiday destination in the heart of the town, yet calm location. Lakshmi Holiday Inn is family managed and passionately cared for by Mr. Valliappan MD, Lakshmi Group of companies, Thanjavur along with Mr V. Subramaniam, a young entrepreneur, hotelier and Rotarian in Thanjavur with Mr C.Shanmugam who had a career in Bangalore but left to pursue his dreams of becoming an hotelier and Mrs Kamalam Shanmugam, a confident,creative and talented businesswoman with quality and cleanliness being her motto. With the whole family engaged in its operation Lakshmi Holiday Inn opened its doors to guests with 12 rooms on 31st August 30, 2017.