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Jananam Fertility Centre

22/10, 11 Kazura Garden First Street,
Neelangarai, Chennai, Chennai

Tamil Nadu-India



About Jananam Fertility Centre

When we decided to start a fertility centre in Chennai, we knew it was a huge responsibility. But then, we also realized it was a great opportunity as well. An opportunity to be one of the best fertility hospitals in Chennai by making a significant difference in the lives of couples. In our years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine, we have seen what childlessness does to couples. We have seen the frustration in their eyes when they come to us. But we’ve also seen the joy in their faces when they get a positive result. And that look is what drives us everyday to strive for excellence. When we started fertility treatment in Chennai, we knew there was a lot of stigma associated with fertility treatment. Hence we’ve always aspired to be a centre that specializes in personalized treatment. We believe in making our patients comfortable in their journey with us and offer them a tailor-made treatment plan. Today, we have a fertility centre in Sri Lanka as well which has been a stepping stone in our journey of providing world class fertility treatment.