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Flat White Speciality Coffee

Unit 346 , 27 LA Croisette Porto Arabia, P.O.BOX 92636
The Pearl-Qatar, Doha




About Flat White Speciality Coffee

As two Qataris, we were exposed to the culture of coffee at a young age, and have long been intrigued by the international presence of coffee. We were brought together by our passion for coffee and wanted a hub for coffee lovers -like us- in Qatar. We researched and attended courses, travelled and experienced a lot! Some good coffee, and some not so good. Till we decided to bring specialty coffee here in Qatar. We are passionate about improving the quality of coffee in the region and encouraging coffee lovers in Qatar to pursue that better cup of coffee. From that passion, Flat White was born. In the coffee industry every now and then there is a new invention to help coffee lovers brew their coffee in a different way with different methods. We at Flat White, love to experiment new ways of making a great cup of coffee and part of this experience is our customer’s reaction and feedback.