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Carlton House

Meadows, 4/169'Charrington
Five Roads, Yercaud

Tamil Nadu-India



About Carlton House

THE CARLTON HOUSE'..... the special slice of heaven. A 109 year old British cottage restored to its finest, in the queen of the sheveroys, with a vast lawn area. 'THE CARLTON HOUSE' focuses on giving its customers the feel of a home away from home. 'THE CARLTON HOUSE' brings out the lazy man inside you. We here promote the art of doing nothing.We all work hard, all of us need breaks and these breaks are where 'THE CARLTON HOUSE' comes into play. 'THE CARLTON HOUSE' is a cozy cottage with four large rooms , two halls and a kitchen. The advantage being that each room has a private entrance to the lawn. The children have a lot of space for all their cricket, there is play area for the toddlers and for the youngsters the basket ball court awaits. Darts are for the men, and a variety of board games along with chess for the elderly. The climate is always appealing, leaving it biting cold in the winters and pleasant and sunny during the months of April and May. The whole place is filled with greenery and loads of flora. With a small private hillock ,the place is more than just nice.