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From there we started our journey of building our dream institution. At the campus in Shamirpet, 40 km away from the city, we used to go there at 3-4 o’clock in the morning to do the procedures, come back and start the OP and emergency in the city center (Mediciti, ex-Sarovar Hotel). We had started our journey with converting hotels into hospitals, another interesting component of CARE. Subsequently, we left Mediciti and, on the strength of the ICICI fund, CARE Hospitals was born in Nampally in 1997, on June 27th. On the first Sunday of June 1997, some of us went at night to see the building. It was Sampoorna Hotel, converted into ABM Hospital. On the second Sunday, negotiations were held with the owners of ABM Hospital. On the third Sunday, we signed the agreement. On the fourth Sunday, we started the organization – CARE Hospitals. It was just like labour, delivered in a big rush! We started the ICCU on that day, by evening it was full, because people had trust in the group and what they believed in, especially the emphasis on patient care. Within one month, cardiac surgery, the first surgery was done in Nampally. Efficiency was there because there were no rules, no processes, no systems; everything was just energy and passion to do something urgently.