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Capital Hospitals

Poranki, Vijayawada

Andhra Pradesh-India



About Capital Hospitals

Infrastructure matters in the healthcare industry. In this regard, a lot of local entities are making it a point to upgrade their in-house healthcare facilities and create a value proposition for their trusting clients. Capital Hospitals in Vijayawada are all about offering state of the art healthcare to their patients. A Capital Tree Healthcare Pvt. Ltd initiative, the hospital is one of the most reliable brands operating in the city with a loyal base of clients. Housing a 200 bed capacity with top-notch multiplicity services, Capital Hospitals in Poranki aspires to provide equitable, value-centric, highly affordable care along with the best quality standards. With great accessibility covering both the urban and rural populations in the East Krishna district, Capital Hospitals is on its way to create a unique brand value in the sector.