0 out of 5 Stars


Production AGS Entertainment
Direction Atlee
Cast Vijay, Nayanthara, Vivek, Jackie Shroff, Kathir, Yogi Babu
Music A. R. Rahman
Screenplay Atlee
Release date 2019-10-25
Language|Genre Tamil

About Bigil

Michael aka Bigil (Vijay) is the son of do-gooder and don Rayappan (Vijay). He is a talented footballer who has the chance to be part of the Indian football team, a path that his father wants him to choose. However, a gruesome incident makes Bigil change his mind and follow his father’s ways. His girlfriend Angel (Nayanthara) becomes a silent spectator to his change. Seven years later, another unexpected event makes Bigil take up the role of a football coach to the Tamil Nadu state women’s football team, which his friend Kathir (Kathir) was handling. However, he has a few hurdles to cross – from befriending the girls in the team to winning games. How Bigil takes up these challenges is the crux of the movie.