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Bhumiraj Group

16th Floor,Bhumiraj Costarica
Navi Mumbai, Mumbai




About Bhumiraj Group

Our 20000 sq.ft corporate office at Costa Rica on Palm Beach Road is as welcoming as the warm ambiences of our residences. More than builders, we see ourselves as realisers of our client’s dreams. Our success stems from our ability to view our projects from their perspective, understand their sensitivity & sensibility and then deliver beyond their expectation. We are of the firm belief that the valuable canvas of mother Earth deserves the utmost respect. It should only be used to create infrastructure that is in harmony with the five elements of nature, namely Earth (Bhumi), Air (Vayu), Water(Jal), Fire (Agni) and Space (Akash). Standing testimony will be Bhumiraj Heights, our upcoming 14-acre landmark township at CBD Belapur