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Barmade Hospital

Opp.Datta Mandir
Latur, Mumbai

Maharashtra -India



About Barmade Hospital

Barmade Hospital is a fastest growing hospital in Latur .we have Latur fertility and Endoscopy center .which has Test Tube Baby ( IVF& ICSI ) & Yashodip sperm Bank . Dr. Kalyan B. Barmade is one of the leading gynecological endoscopic surgeons and fertility specialist in the country. His fields of expertise include hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, microsurgery, assisted reproduction and sonography. But above all Dr. Kalyan B. Barmade , from his vast experience as a surgeon, has carved a niche for himself in his field of expertise. Dr.Kalyan B. Barmade has single-handedly performed more than 8,000 advanced endoscopic surgeries. He has extended his service nationally and internationally. He has conducted live endoscopic workshops and participated in various infertility and endoscopy workshops in india. "Latur fertility center has given joy of motherhood to more than 5000 patient's ."