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Anupama Hospital

Vivekananada Nagar Colony
Kukatpally, Hyderabad




About Anupama Hospital

Dr. Sampath Rao is the marvelous personality behind the Anupama Hospital. This journey was started in 1975, when Dr. Rao had established Anita Nursing Home in Fateh Nagar, for the sole aim of serving the poor and other people, who are in the need of health care. After decades of health service in the city, mainly in Fateh Nagar, he had established Anupama Hospital in 2008, nearby Hi-Tech City, which turned out to be a big respite for the people of Kukatpally, Madhapur and Hi-Tech City. Dr. Sampath Rao has a stupendous educational background, with graduation from Gandhi Medical College, which was quite a big feat in 1970s. After the studies, he was offered with lucrative career choices and opportunities abroad. But, he was strongly inclined towards his vision to serve our society, because, back in those days, there were not many choices for medical facilities, and people who are in need of various medical treatments were more in number, than the hospitals available at that time. This led to the inception of Anita Nursing Home.