How it works?

Reviewclip makes it very easy to Collect & Showcase VIDEO REVIEWS.

Reviews Redefined - From ReVIEW to RePLAY

With Companies and leading Brands looking for new ways to increase their digital presence we believe that our ReviewClip - Video Review Portal & Application offers a unique 'Video Review' tool that provides a new platform to enhance their brand visibility. ReviewClip provides a structured framework to collect & showcase Video Reviews.

  • First of its kind "Video Review Platform" that revolutionizes the conventional system of reviews.
  • Technological transition from VIEW to PLAY allows for a much broader Brand Visibility.
  • Establishes a professional yet personal Emotional Connect with the customers.
  • With video reviews achieving and sustaining Credibility has never been easier. – The Portal

The Reviewclip secure (https) Portal is designed to provide our clients with highly personalized, interactive service on the web, giving wider reach by connecting customers with your business. The portal shall have devoted pages for brands & businesses showcasing all their video reviews with star rating & provides information about the company. Users can view, like, share & comment on the video reviews. The portal shall have an admin module for the clients to manage & monitor the submitted reviews.


Click Client Sign Up and complete the registration. Sign In with your registered user name & password This is your company showcase page where you can manage your Profile & Customer Video Reviews.

Profile Overview

Video Reviews:

All the recorded video reviews will be displayed here. Inside the video box, on the top right you can see 3 vertical dots. Click in that area and approve the video. Only after approval the video will become public. You can anytime make the video inactive or delete.

Account Settings:

Click and you can upload your company logo, banner and tag line.
How to paste the Map Embed Code in Google Map:

  • Open
  • Type your address & Search.
  • In the top left, click Menu .
  • Click Share or embed map.
  • Click Embed map.
  • To the left of the text box, select the size as Medium.
  • Click COPY HTML and paste it into the box.
Embed code:

This is the embed code which is used to integrate the application in your website to showcase the collected video reviews. Copy the given embed code & paste it in the page where you want to showcase your video reviews.

Change Password:

Reset or change your Password here. To change the Password you should enter the current password and enter a new password to be changed.

Account Status:

As an administrator, you can view the status of the account like registration date, Renewal date, Plan and Payment details. Also you can download your official Payment Invoice here.

ReviewClip – The Application

The Application facilitates to collect video reviews from your customer with star ratings & with each ReviewClip account you get your own Hosted Video Review page where all the collected video reviews can be showcased in your website. ReviewClip helps you quickly deploy the Video Review page that matches the look and feel of your company website and it interfaces directly with your reviewclip account. Turn your website into a branding engine with an easy-to-use professional review page from reviewclip

How to Collect Video Reviews:

Now you can collect Video Reviews from your customers using a Smart phone or Tablet.

  • 1. Log into with your Sign In credentials.
  • 2. Click Record a Review button and enter the customer information.
  • 3. Ask the customer to give the star ratings as per their experience.
  • 4. Click Continue to Record
  • 5. Now click - Record or select a video file
  • 6. Click Video Camera
  • 7. The video camera will be enabled.
  • 8. Press the record button and start recording. The maximum recording time is 2 minutes.
  • 9. Once the recording is finished stop recording
  • 10. Click OK
  • 11. Wait till the Upload is 100% complete.

Now the video review is recorded successfully & ready to be showcased after approval. Log in to our portal and approve the video to be seen by the public.

More flexible, More responsive & much More rewarding.

IMPRESS Would-Be Customers

Video Reviews are most definitely the wave of the future. The primary reason why would-be customers would value video reviews is the authenticity & credibility. We are all influenced by the opinions of others to some extent. Video Review is a tool for capturing the user’s attention and delivering a brand message in a memorable and meaningful way. One of the most important benefits of using video reviews is expanded reach. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out about your business accomplishments.

Review Process Redefined

From VIEW to PLAY. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, how about a Video? Improve your online reputation and exposure with authentic video reviews from your happy customers. If you are looking for the best exposure and a great web presence, videos are the way to go. When you post your video reviews through social media and/or a blog, you can reach a much wider audience. A review can furthermore enhance your exposure in your country and across the globe, establish a strong following, and gather the type of loyalty you deserve.

Why Video Reviews

Video is a powerful tool. Today, review submissions must be more than one dimensional (text format). A multi-dimensional presentation with video can tell a better story and provide deeper insight about the product & the brand ---this is something that a traditional text review cannot provide. Whether the people are raving about what you have done for them or about the great services & schemes you gave, they're telling the public first and foremost that they had a positive experience with your company.